Help Support Standard Gauge Fuel Tests in 2017!


CSR is working in collaboration with the Natural Resources Research Institute, the Milwaukee County Zoo, and the Everett Railroad to undertake a series of biofuel tests in 2017. Already CSR has demonstrated that the biofuel can work on a smaller scale of the 15 inch gauge railroad of the Milwaukee County Zoo, and it seeks to make the next step to Standard Gauge in the coming year.

Will you help make these tests possible?

The Everett Railroad has offered use of its 2-6-0 steam locomotive, No. 11, for use on fuel tests in the upcoming season. This in-kind contribution of $9,000 is kickstarting a fundraising campaign that ultimately seeks to raise an additional $27,000 to support the following research and testing:

Winter 2017 - Densification research at NRRI aimed at making the torrefied biomass more analagous to coal
Spring 2017 - An additional round of testing at the Milwaukee County Zoo to verify the densified fuel 
Summer 2017 - Manufacture approx. 10 tons of torrefied biomass fuel for testing and use in Everett Railroad No.11

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to CSR  in 2016 to help support this research!