We advance clean energy research, railroad preservation, and education.



From railroad motive power research to clean fuel and energy generation technologies, we strive to innovate.

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CSR is using advanced steam locomotive technology to pursue making electricity on the distributed basis.

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Learn how CSR and its Supporters are advancing railroad preservation.

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Turning railroad ties into clean energy? Making a wood-based coal substitute?

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Learn all about our research, the history of advanced steam,
how the ATSF designed 3463, and much more!

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The Coalition for Sustainable Rail is a Minnesota-based 501c(3) not-for-profit whose mission is:

  • Innovation - to support and advance sustainable modern steam, fuel, energy, and transportation technologies;

  • Preservation - to promote the safe and efficient operation and conservation of historic rail equipment; and

  • Education - to conduct informational activities to increase awareness of sustainable and historical technologies.