Santa Fe 3463

Article "Sustainable Steam" Published in Steam Railway Magazine

The final issue of Great Britain's Steam Railway Magazine in 2012 featured a three-page article written by CSR Executives Davidson Ward, Shaun McMahon, Rob Mangels and John Rhodes.  Thanks to the generosity of editor Gary Boyd-Hope, CSR is able to offer that article to view here on the CSR website. Take a look by clicking this link or the image at right.

Steam Railway was also the magazine who featured an article about CSR when the project was announced in May of 2012 labeling locomotive 3463 as a "biofuel-powered monster."  Biofuel-powered it will be; monster it certainly will not!

Proof is in the Picture

These shots before and after CSR's cosmetic restoration and stabilization of locomotive 3463 communicate the importance of properly maintaining rail equipment, both from the perspective of preserving the rolling stock to improving the value it has in the community. To CSR, the cosmetic restoration will ensure no further degradation occurs to the locomotive prior to its move to Minneapolis for reconstruction.