CSR Slated to Present at Two National Industry Fora

It appears January will be a busy month for CSR.  Davidson Ward, CSR President, has been invited to speak at two industry-level functions this month.

On January 15, he will be representing CSR and its partners in a “Six Minute Pitch” competition before the Transportation Research Board at its annual convention in Washington, D.C. Five transportation entrepreneurs were selected to perform succinct presentations on a new technology that can revolutionize the transportation industry.

Later that week, Ward will represent CSR at the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA) annual convention in West Palm Beach, Florida as a speaker to its Alternative Energy Product/Market Group. The hour-long presentation will deal with the fundamentals of modern steam locomotion, with specific attention paid to boiler systems, combustion technologies and torrefied biomass.

CSR is thrilled to have been selected to present at both venues, and welcomes others to consider hosting it to continue to educate the public on its project and the technologies it is promoting. Combined with the “White Paper Program,” CSR is working to spread knowledge of modern steam technology and refocus the conversation to a technology that has yet all but been ignored in the modern transportation dialogue.