Updated White Paper - Steam Locomotive Rail Wheel Dynamics 2.1

While CSR does strives to ensure that its White Papers are accurate and understandable, from time to time we receive emails from readers requesting we explain, or address, specific items from our papers. Such is the case with this re-release of an edited version of "Steam Locomotive Rail Wheel Dynamics Part 2: Mechanical Balancing of Steam Locomotives."

Two observant readers brought to our attention a handful of proposed edits to the paper, ranging from requests for clarification on certain issues to proposed modifications to aid in explaining key principles. All of the suggestions were considered by the authors and many of them were incorporated in this re-released version of the White Paper. CSR always welcomes feedback on its work, and you may always reach out to us using the CONTACT form on this website.

And, if you have yet to review our White Paper portion of the website, be sure to check out the information we have posted. We are currently working on a comprehensive White Paper on steam locomotive exhausts.